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Photo by Mark Hartman

初代彫櫻一門 紋士

MONJI is a traditional Japanese tebori tattoo artist from the Horizakura Family.


“Tebori” (手彫り) is the traditional Japanese method of tattooing that directly translates to “hand carving.” A centuries old practice that has its roots in the Edo Period (1603-1868) of Japan, tebori is a technique that is carried on by a select number of tattooers today.

The method involves a needle grouping bound together at the end of a long rod that is then implemented into the skin by hand. The effect of tebori is different than that of machine tattoos as it creates a stronger and more vibrant tattoo that holds its color and brightness as it ages over time.


Monji is available by appointment at FlyRite Tattoo in Brooklyn, New York.

Most outline work is done by machine. All shading is done by hand.

Session work is charged hourly.

One-point tattoos will be charged based on design, size, and location of the tattoo.

All inquiries for tattooing can be made by email to monjitattoo@gmail.com.

For works in progress and travel dates, follow on Instagram @monjitattoo.